Book Reviews

Dr. Esta Rapoport has written a smart, accessible and timely book for parents of preschool children with ADHD. Filled with the wisdom gleaned from more than 20 years of professional experience in private practice, and teaching both university and elementary-aged students, Dr. Rapoport’s book is a “must have” for parents of young children with ADHD. Regardless of their level of ADHD knowledge, parents will find effective, take-home tips in this book – especially ways to enhance social skills, to manage challenging behaviors, and to address bullying in preschool children. Dr. Rapoport validates the feelings of stress, anxiety and guilt that parents frequently report, while providing effective strategies for preventing and intervening in the myriad of social, psychological and behavioral difficulties associated with raising young children with ADHD. This book will expand parents’ awareness of typical preschool behavior, ways to manage their child’s screen time (e.g., cell phones, Ipads, tablets, computers, TV), and, appropriate apps and computer games to promote pre-academic (i.e., naming colors, letter recognition, counting) and social-emotional skills (i.e., identifying feelings, managing emotions, and solving problems). Additional resources contained in the book provide parents an avenue for learning more about non-pharmacological interventions for ADHD including the importance of play, setting up routines for success, and modeling prosocial behaviors in everyday interactions. Teachers will also find this book helpful for assisting parents and for working with young children in the preschool classroom. I strongly recommend this book for all parents of young children with ADHD - it contains both cutting-edge and time-tested intervention techniques. This work reflects the wave of the future as professionals explore ways to mitigate and reduce the adverse effects of ADHD in early childhood. -- Anne Ellison, author of Interventions for ADHD: Treatment in developmental context. New York: Guilford Press